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How to choose prescription lenses on eyerim: Which are the best for you?


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Do you wear strong diopters? Higher index glasses look better thanks to thinner lenses

When choosing new glasses, it is important to choose the right refractive index of the lens. A higher index means that the lenses are thinner even if you wear diopters stronger than +/- 2.

Learn how to read an eyeglass prescription

We’ve put together a simple guide, how to read from your doctor’s prescription in order to buy prescription glasses online.

What if new glasses don’t fit? Use hairdryer, fingers and wear them 1 week.

Have you bought new prescription glasses and now your head hurts? Do you experience eye-strain? Do they fall off your head easily? Ordering another model is not always the solution. Try these recommendations from our optometrists first.

Any questions? Ask our optometrist.