Those who look at displays for the better part of day or night, should be aware of so-called digital eye strain. Let’s take a look at what it is and how to tackle it.

How screen time affects our vision

Different situations in which we look at displays bring on several types of stimuli to our body.

Long hours: Compared to the natural environment, your eyes have to work harder to focus and maintain a clear image on the screen. Prolonged effort of this is exhausting.
Blue light exposure: Digital screens emit blue light, contributing to eye fatigue and even disrupting the sleep-wake cycle if exposed at night.
Poor lighting: Glare or reflections on the screen from other light sources can strain your eyes too. They need to try to adjust to the contrast between the screen and the surrounding environment, which can be tiring.
Improper viewing distance and angle: Looking at a screen from too far or too close, as well as viewing the screen at the wrong angle, can lead to discomfort.
Reduced blinking: When using digital devices, people tend to blink less frequently, which can lead to dry eyes and discomfort.
Uncorrected vision problems: Unattended nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism may work as a multiplier to other problems mentioned.

If several of these conditions meet for you regularly, the chances are some form of digital eye strain might develop sooner or later. It can manifest through various symptoms of different intensity and occurrence.

Common symptoms of eye strain include eye discomfort, blurred vision, headaches, sensitivity to light, difficulty focusing, double vision, neck, shoulder or back pain, increased tear production or dry eyes, general fatigue and even difficulties with concentration.


As a rule of thumb: if you are feeling unwell “from around your eyes”, you will most probably recognise it.


How to battle eye strain?

Try to keep your eyes healthy in general. There is a lot of advice on this on our blog and around the internet.

However, there is a very powerful tool to help you, and we are proud to be the only store offering them online (as of spring 2024)!

What are Eyezen® lenses?

Eyezen® is a line of single-vision lenses for everyday use, with enhanced ability to provide relaxation and relief for your eyes. They combine a blue-light filter with several optical solutions to aid object distance and gaze directions.

  • Eyezen® Focus technology reduces effort necessary when using digital devices and improves text readability.
  • BlueUV Filter System avoids the blue lights effects mentioned earlier.

By combining these, Eyezen® lenses allow your eyes to view your screens more comfortably, with clearer vision from all distances and angles. In addition, wearers have improved contrast perception and diminished glare.

88% ot users state they are satisfied with their Eyezen® lenses
3/4 report reduced visual fatigue*


What Eyezen® lenses can I get?

Eyerim offers the Eyezen® Boost line of lenses. The level of seeing aid is leveled by the amount of extra magnification they provide for easier, sharper reading.

  • Eyezen® Boost 0.4 provide 0.4 diopters and are best suited for users aged 18-34, whose eyes do not need much assistance yet.
  • Eyezen® Boost 0.6 are best suited for those aged 35-39, whose eyes have been under heavy effort for some time already.

How can I get Eyezen® lenses?

You can choose Eyezen® among the options of what lenses you want fitted when ordering prescription glasses at eyerim, their price starting at €99.90.