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UV radiation: Hoaxes vs. Reality

Is UV radiation really that harmful? Why did no one care about UV protection in the past and now it is suddenly such a scarecrow? Is it just a marketing ploy? Let's look at it together!

29.05.2023, 3 min. to read , 4964 views

What is astigmatism and how to detect it?

Astigmatism is a disease that is manifested by unclear or blurry vision and reduced contrast or detail discrimination. It is one of the most common eye diseases, and in many cases we do not even know that we suffer from it. So let's take a closer look at astigmatism.

12.03.2023, 3 min. to read , 148425 views

When is it necessary to start wearing prescription glasses?

You can't read a message on your mobile phone, you can't tell if it's 3 or 8 when you look at the clock, you can't see who the person is who is waving at you from the other side of the street,... Does this sound familiar? What are the signs that you need prescription glasses and what will they change in your life?

27.12.2022, 6 min. to read , 15798 views

UV radiation - facts & myths

Sun rays can seriously damage your vision. Read about dangerous UV radiation and learn how to protect your eyes and keep them safe.

30.09.2020, 5 min. to read , 17220 views

eyerim tips: How to improve your eyesight

Do you feel like your vision keeps getting worse as the years go by? We're here to give you some tips on how to improve your eyesight and take proper care of those stunning eyes of yours.

14.09.2018, 4 min. to read , 29717 views

eyerim insider: Office series ep.I

Small or huge, every company in the world stands strong only because of a forceful team. Come, be the eyerim insider and get to know all the awesome, hard-working people.

21.03.2018, 7 min. to read , 18721 views


This month, we’re presenting one of our portfolio newbies KERBHOLZ eyewear, a brand built on quality, love for nature and passion. Let’s discover their story together!

06.10.2017, 2 min. to read , 11383 views

Sunglasses for your face shape: OVAL FACES

Have you spent hours deciding which sunglasses fits you the most? Proper fitting sunglasses may help you to create a stunning look! Did you know that you can easily determine your best fit by your face shape? If not, you’re the lucky one today! Check out our weekly guide to matching sunglasses with your face shape. Oval faces stay tuned!

23.08.2017, 4 min. to read , 59987 views


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