One is a famous French designer, another one is a British sport and style icon. One decided to create women's eyewear in a beautiful bohemian style, the other one started a collaboration with Italian manufacturer Safilo and created men’s eyewear with a classic yet bold style. Which one you will fall in love with?

ISABEL MARANT - classy, effortless & chic French style glasses

She was only 27 years old when she launched her first fashion collection. Her bohemian French style won not only international fashion prices but also the hearts of women like Alexa Chung, Victoria Beckham, Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and Rachel Weisz. Yes, we are talking about Isabel Marant!

Isabel Marant eyewear on eyerim

The bold nonchalant style of her sunglasses and prescription glasses is designed for a contemporary and sophisticated woman with a personal approach to style and trends. Discover this new unmissable eyewear collection now on eyerim!

DAVID BECKHAM EYEWEAR - combination of famous Italian quality and style

One of the most famous men in the world, known not only for his sports career but also for his top-notch fashion style, decided to dig deeper into the fashion world and started a collab with the luxury eyewear manufacturer Safilo in Italy. Eyewear by David Beckham offers the finest materials, the highest attention to details, and the top quality of the Italian design.

David Beckham eyewear on eyerim

This collection is both stylish, and bold yet still true to its classic aesthetic. It takes seasonal inspiration from iconic movies filmed in Italy, global icons that featured in them and cities that have influenced David’s style. Discover models that capture the feeling and scenery of a carefree holiday spirit.

Enjoy the top quality and style of these two brands which will differentiate you from the crowd. Now on eyerim!