The days are shorter, the temperatures are lower, school has already started... Everything clearly indicates that autumn is here again. The time when we say goodbye to summer trends and welcome new ones. And when your wardrobe is asking for a change, what better way to achieve it than with great glasses?

Whether you're going to school, work, or simply want a change, we bring you the 6 hottest trends in eyewear fashion this fall. Which ones are they?


1.  Sexy "cats"

Nothing is more iconic than these elegant glasses with a touch of retro. Ideal for bold women who want to appear trendy and sophisticated. Whether they have thick or thin frames, they always look exceptional. Try brands like Versace, Balenciaga and D&G.


2. A round shape for everyone

These glasses aren't just for Harry Potter! Round glasses are trendy and extremely versatile. Suitable for both men and women, they have a modern and at the same time timeless impression. Choose round glasses from world-famous brands or bet on the quality and unbeatable price of our own collections of glasses OiO and Kohe by eyerim.


3. Unstriking transparency

If you are a lover of minimalism, these glasses are perfect for you. They look easy and casual and are ideal for those who want to appear understated, but stylish at the same time.


4. Unmistakable colors

Don't be afraid to stand out! Whether you choose glasses in a bright red, mysterious purple or elegant green shade, you are sure to catch the eyes. Experiment and show everyone what color you're in the mood for.


5. Business elegance

For those looking for a combination of elegance and professionalism, there are glasses that express your understated yet stylish attitude. Discover classic frames with which you will stand out at every presentation, date or business meeting.


6. Always trendy aviators

That's right - these glasses will never go out of style. Perfect for those who crave adventure and freedom. Do you want to appear confident and bold? Aviators are exactly for you!


Get inspired and choose your new look for this fall on eyerim. Treat yourself (and your eyes) and be trendy!