The right glasses can change your entire outfit in a blink of an eye. But which one to choose? From quiet luxury to sustainability - let's take a look at what eyewear trends will dominate the streets and fashion shows in 2024!

Quiet Luxury

The combination of quality, style, minimalism and subtle elegance has defined the trend for quiet luxury. In 2024, this philosophy is more than just a trend; it's an expression of confidence and sophistication without the need to shout for attention. Imagine eyewear with clean lines and understated details that complement any outfit without dominating it. Quiet luxury is perfect for those who prefer quality and elegance over flashy expression. Celebrities such as Emma Watson or Timothée Chalamet show how "quiet luxury" can be worn with grace.

Trend 2024: Quiet Luxury eyerim blog

Trens 2024: Quiet Luxury eyerim blog

Mob Wife

At the opposite end of the spectrum from quiet luxury stands the mob wife aesthetic - a distinctive style that draws inspiration from the luxury and opulence of gangsters’ wives' lifestyles. It features voluminous fur coats, gold accessories, animal prints and chunky black glasses with gold accents. This style is for those who are not afraid to show their confidence and prefer bold pieces. Celebrities like Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus are examples of how to bring this trend to reality with unmissable charm.

Trends 2024: Mob Wife eyerim blog

Trends 2024: Mob Wife eyerim blog

Party everywhere and always

Bring a wave of energy and the vibrant atmosphere of rave culture to casual outfits. Glasses in bold colours, unconventional shapes and experimental designs are the perfect accompaniment. It's a clarion call to not take life too seriously and to treat yourself to a little fun every day. Icons of this style are stars like Billie Eilish or Rihanna, proving that the party really never stops.

 Trends 2024: Party everywhere and always eyerim blog

Trends 2024: Party everywhere and always eyerim blog

Office Siren

Gisele Bündchen in The Devil Wears Prada? Bella Hadid? Zendaya? These are the iconic representatives of the Office Siren style - a late 90s-inspired aesthetic that combines work chic with a subtle dose of retro flair. Oversized blazers, shirts and ties are fantastically complemented by petite glasses with thin frames. This trend is suitable for modern women who want to express their unique style while maintaining a professional look.

 Trends 2024: Office Siren eyerim blog

Trends 2024: Office Siren eyerim blog


In 2024, sustainability is becoming not only a fashion statement but also a necessity for the future of us all. In line with the growing demand for greener and more ethical choices, sustainable eyewear frames made from recycled and biodegradable materials are gaining popularity. Bio acetate and other sustainable materials represent the future in eyewear design, offering style without compromising our planet. 

 Trends 2024: Kohe by eyerim Andrea Black 

Trends 2024: Kohe by eyerim Patricia Black

Whether you choose retro inspiration, bold accessories, subtle elegance or a commitment to sustainability, you'll find all the latest trends available to everyone on eyerim. Get inspired too and choose the eyewear that best expresses your style (not only) in 2024!