Welcome back to our weekly face shape guide! You already know that creating an astonishing look may be easily achieved if you can determine your face shape. Last week we introduced to you some tips for oval faces. Today is a lovely day and sun is still shining- let’s talk about heart-shaped faces now!

First of all, the question is how do you know that your face is heart-shaped, right? Well, there is a bunch of characteristic features that all heart-shaped faces share. Of course, your face resembles a heart but I guess this is unfortunately not enough for you to know. Let’s find out if your face shape matches the following conditions:

• You have high and prominent cheekbones

• You have pointed and narrowed chin

• The widest part of your face is at the top (wider forehead)

• The narrowest part of your face is at the bottom

Jackpot? Are you a heart-shaped face person? If so, then how do you know what sunglasses fit you the best? Let’s check out best-fitting shades carefully hand-picked by our team for both men and women.


This is lovely! Your face resembles a heart which typically means that your chin is narrow and your brow is broader. When it comes to choosing glasses, your goal should be to harmonize your face proportions - minimize the width of the top and broaden your chin. Balance your face with all time classic aviator shades or highlight your cheekbones with some prominent cat-eye sunglasses. Half-rim or rimless sunnies - there are no boundaries for you here.  You can pull it off in trending browline or even round shades. However, be careful when it comes to colours - dark-colored frames are not your friends. 

Perfect match for your face shape heart face sunglasses


Welcome to the lovely world! Characterized by narrow chin and broader brow, your face needs sunglasses that direct attention downwards. Look for frames that are wider than your forehead - Ray Ban Clubmaster or any cat-eye may work great for you as well as for ladies. Beef up your look with thin temples, half-rim, or even rimless shades - there are tons of variations! When it comes to colour, you can easily soften your look by choosing light colours and details like tortoise. On the other hand, if you want to achieve striking look, flashy shades are the right ones.

Perfect match for your face shape heart face sunglasses

Don’t be surprised by the variety of options that you have, your face is genuinely versatile and many different styles will suit you. If it’s too much for you, use our virtual try-on tool on eyerim - it may help you to choose the right shades. Try it yourself, or invite a friend to get a second opinion. By the way, still no match for you? In next week’s face shape guide we’ll kick off some variations for all of you rectangle faces. We’ll be back soon!