Style of Becca

Our lovely Becca always looks unbelievably stylish in colourful outfits that highlight her cheerful personality. The last time we saw her, she was rocking some great back to school styles in early autumn. Now she's back, just in time for Christmas! Which is extremely appropriate, as Becca is a true Christmas lover. What's most important to her is spending the festive period with her loved ones.

“We’re a large, loud family that tends to have those classic family fights at times, but I love our Christmases just the way they are. Ever since we’ve had small children in the family again, Christmas is even better and more fun than in previous years. Children add a certain type of magic to it and I look forward to seeing my brother open his Christmas presents way more than I look forward to opening my own.”

“One of my favourite colours is definitely red, which has that extra charm especially during Christmastime. I will confess I usually avoid black, but it’s always a solid choice when it comes to accessories. These Dior sunglasses quickly became one of my most beloved, thanks to their unusual Aviator shape, which suits most faces.”

We agree with Becca wholeheartedly. The combination of these reflective Dior shades with her outfit is especially pleasing to the eye, don't you think?

“I wouldn’t usually combine this green tartan shirt with a red skirt but come on, it’s perfect for the festive season! These sparkly green and red Gucci shades have a special place in my heart and I would wear them any day of the year.” 

Truly embracing her festive spirit, Becca has also blessed us with what are possibly the most Christmassy pictures we've ever seen. Apparently inspired by the many Christmas romance movies she’s been watching these days, this combination works amazingly well! Becca looks great in Gucci and we absolutely LOVE the fact that she’s proudly displaying her festive spirit.

"Just so it isn’t only about red, gold and green, I wore this shiny, candy pink skirt with a contrasting material – a knitted orange sweater. It was only recently that I came across this colour combination, but let me tell you, it was love at first sight! This round shape of Ray-Ban shades is yet another favourite of mine, be it in summer or in winter. It genuinely just looks cool at all times, and it’s perfect if you’re not into very large sunglasses but still want something trendy. What’s even better, this shape of sunglasses is absolutely timeless!"

Michal Rábek