Are you ready for an all-new, improved online shopping experience? Are you ready to throw away the anxiety of online shopping? We know you are! We're here to make your life better and easier once again. Buy your eyewear online with even more ease than if you were in a store: try eyerim's Magic Mirror. 

Our Magic Mirror is here to show you that the online shopping experience can be fast, stress-free and with guaranteed good results. After all, it's the 21st century now! So who says you can't try on eyewear from the comfort of your own home just like you would be trying it on in a store?

Exactly. All you need is a webcam or a picture of yourself, and you're good to go! Once you choose a pair of shades or prescriptions to try on, you can either upload your picture or turn on the webcam and see what they would look like on you in real life. AND what’s even better - there’s literally no fuss, anxiety or awkwardness when trying out glasses with our Magic Mirror (unlike when you try them offline, right?)!

eyerim Magic Mirror, try on amazing eyewear with our new online shopping tool

Why we love the Magic Mirror

Some of you may have already tried it – it's been a beloved eyerim feature for quite some time now. But this time, it's gotten even better! You can try all the glasses you want, one pair after the other, without having to turn the mirror on and off. Plus, you can even take pictures with your chosen pair to remember for later, send to your friends for some much-needed advice or just nicely brag about your favourite ones on social media - yup, you can share it, too! 

With hundreds of pairs of eyewear to choose from, the eyerim Magic Mirror is what you need when you're looking for new (sun)glasses. Plus, it genuinely is a lot of fun – we can't even tell you how many laughs we had in the office, trying on loads of funky glasses when we were testing the Mirror out. It was even more amazing to create our promotional video for you all – and guess what! All the eyewear shown in our video can be yours, too.

eyerim Magic Mirror, try on amazing eyewear with our new online shopping tool

Why YOU will love the Magic Mirror

Imagine this: you're shopping for new eyewear. You've done all the research, chosen one or a couple of your dream pairs, now the only thing left to do is to try and buy. You specifically make time to go to the store in town. They don't have any of the pairs you've chosen. Your plans suddenly get a lot more complicated.

Wait, isn't there a way to avoid all this hassle? You're right, there is. And yes, it's our Magic Mirror. Whether you're lounging in the living room or on the move somewhere, just take out your phone or laptop and get to it. It makes shopping faster and easier – once you've found the ones, you can instantly order them. It really is that simple.

There's no reason to be afraid of shopping online. With our Magic Mirror, you can try on thousands of (sun)glasses in a matter of minutes, without even getting up from your seat. It's convenient, it's fun and yes – it's magical. And all thanks to our marvellous pals over at FittingBox who provided us, and you all, with this out-of-the-world solution to try on eyewear. What an innovative bunch they are! Now, now. Get going to the eyerim e-shop and have some fun with your shopping, eh? And share the results!