For years, we've been accustomed to the pompous presentation of wealth. Increasingly, however, the opposite current is beginning to emerge. Imagine a soft, perfectly fitting cashmere sweater in muted tones or a bag so carefully crafted that its seams are almost invisible. No gaudy logos or embellishments, but an understated elegance that speaks louder than words. Enter the world of "quiet luxury".

Quiet luxury - eyerim blog

The economic crisis and HBO... Where did quiet luxury come from?

Although the official term "quiet luxury" is relatively new, the philosophy of timelessness and minimalism has been around for decades - as an integral part of the lifestyle of French women. They are the historical role models of elegance without too much effort.

So why is the obsession with 'hidden riches” so topical? Pop culture has certainly played a role. HBO's show Succession is proof. The portrayal of the Roy family's "old money aesthetic" has been loved by millions of viewers around the world. In a particularly memorable scene, Tom mocks the "ridiculously bulky" Burberry handbag carried by Greg's partner in an attempt to impress the wealthy family. 

Another example of this style was Gwyneth Paltrow's trial, which the actress attended in chic knitwear with minimalist accessories and sleek shoes by The Row. The seemingly plain cream sweater from the first day of the trial was immediately snapped up by people, despite its price tag ($595).

Social media is also adding popularity to this trend. The hashtag #QuietLuxury received more than 298.1 million views on TikTok. Lifestyle icon of Generation Z, Sofia Richie Grainge, has given this craze a major boost. Millions of people around the world are searching for tutorials on how to achieve her perfect everyday fashion style.

Quiet Luxury - eyerim blog

Although pop culture and social media may be driving popularity, the real roots of quiet luxury lie deeper in social change. The 2008 recession ended the glamorous Y2K era and ushered in minimalism. Economic challenges often cause the fashion world to lean towards timeless, functional pieces. 

With a growing global awareness of sustainability and the pitfalls of fast fashion, quiet luxury is finding an even greater resonance. Quiet luxury thus promotes lasting value over fleeting fashion and encourages investment pieces that can be cherished for years to come.


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Who is quiet luxury for?

Despite first impressions that this trend is only for the wealthiest, it's not. It's a style for anyone who appreciates minimalism, quality materials and understated elegance. If you love fashion but don't want to be the extravagant centre of attention, quiet luxury is for you.

Quiet luxury - eyerim blog


Essential pieces in your wardrobe that you must have

Focus on simplicity and elegance. The key is choosing quality and timeless pieces that fit together perfectly. Classic loafers, timeless trench coats, perfectly fitting trousers and quality T-shirts without logos or vulgar necklines. 

Forget garish and neon colours. This trend is dominated by soft beige, light cream, rich black, navy blue and pure white. And when it comes to materials, only the finest and most comfortable ones get a chance - cashmere, silk, wool and 100% linen. 

Quiet luxury - eyerim blog

When choosing glasses, choose those with a minimalist design that will accentuate your personality without drowning out the whole outfit. Clean lines, black, white or the popular Havana colour of the frames is a safe bet. 

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