Finding the real you sounds like a lot of work. And who has time for that? Check out our few, and very professional, short tips on how to dig deep into your soul and find the perfect answer to the complex, existential “Who am I?” question. The answer is sunglasses. Obviously.

What does it even mean “to find yourself” or “to be real” though? Honestly, who knows? We went through a few whole days of deep research to find something wholesome and meaningful that could help you to find yourself or at least get closer to it. And genuinely speaking, from the deepest corners of our eyerim hearts now, we did not find one article that wouldn’t be cheesy or such a sad cringe.

And although we might also be a bit cringy and cheesy from time to time, surprisingly, our brand does not actually stand for that. So, we asked ourselves “How would one find himself on eyerim?” and let me tell you, that is a very different question! Because sunglasses can make a totally different person out of you! Don’t you have an answer on whether you’ve found yourself already because, they say, it would be about the time to? So what! Just get your favourite pair of sunnies and let them see who you really are! Who says you have to stay the same you every day?

Find yourself on eyerim

Be who you want to be. Don’t be afraid to stand out. Be remembered for the things you do. No matter if this all depends on your mood or the shades you choose in the morning - that’s good enough for us!

Perfect pretenders

It’s easier said than done - yes, we know. Therefore, we prepared a few popular examples of how it is done right by a few of the most distinctive and stylish celebrities. And whilst we know we cannot possibly know if these highly lovable people know who they are for real, they do a damn good job pretending they do.* So let’s see how to be...


Find yourself on eyerim How to be Classy

What an odd grouping, you think? It might seem so at the first glance but delightful Audrey Hepburn, forever smouldering Johnny Depp and super-influential Drake have one thing in common (there’s the sentence we’ve never thought we’d use): they are always classy and elegant! In their own, perfect way.

Find yourself on eyerim with Just Cavalli JC908S 21C Sunglasses in White and Grey ColourFind yourself on eyerim G-Star Raw in Blue and Silver Colour Find yourself on eyerim with Ray-Ban RB3595 901380 sunglasses in Gold and Green Colour

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Find yourself on eyerim How to be Fearless

You might not feel as bold as Elton John every day, but why shouldn’t you be out of the ordinary from time to time? Who says you should wear only boring black sunglasses all the damn time? (no shade here, Anna Wintour, we truly love you) Spice it up! There are no limits to it and it feels incredible. And also, if you want to try-out your funky shades before ordering from the eyerim e-shop, have a look at the wonderful Magic Mirror. It literally does that - fine (virtual) magic.

Find yourself on eyerim with Marc Jacobs MARC355/S KB7/UZ Sunglasses in Grey and Red ColourFind yourself on eyerim with Chloe CE745S 272 Sunglasses in Purple and Brown ColourFind yourself on eyerim with Miu Miu MU04TS 54Z139 Sunglasses in Transparent and Grey Colour

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Find yourself on eyerim How to be Ahead of Time

James Dean, Gigi Hadid and A$AP Rocky. *swoons* Erm, yes, people, we cannot imagine a more attractive trio either. What do they all have in common? They’re all early birds when it comes to fashion and can always stun everyone with their eyewear choices. And you can, too! Just choose the thing that everyone is afraid to wear, okay? You can thank us later.

Find yourself on eyerim with Persol PO3199S 1079R5 Sunglasses in Havana and Grey colourFind yourself on eyerim with Vogue LAFAYETTE GIGI HADID 2019 COLLECTION VO4138S 352/11 Sunglasses in Black ColourFind yourself on eyerim with Dsquared2 MILES DQ0304 98N Sunglasses in Green Colour

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Well, we admit it - we are no Tony Robbins or Michael Scott when it comes to deep existential questions over here. So our final piece of advice is this: Just be you and let them all know! Whether it is with sunglasses, clothes or weird music you listen to, never be scared of who you are. And that’s the first step of getting closer to finding yourself. But the sunglasses definitely work though.

*We sincerely apologize to everyone who does not agree with our celebrity choice.