Proper eyeglasses care is something you should not underestimate. It takes a lot of time to find the right pair - shape, colour, or pattern that perfectly matches your style and preference. So when you finally find ‘the ones’, don’t you want them to last as long as possible? Smudges, fingerprints, scratches, fogging… Good habits may help you to fight against all of these and to keep your specs in a great condition for a very long time.

1 Use both hands

Count with me - how many times have you taken your glasses off using both hands ? Well, this habit might be a tough one, but using both hands keeps the temples firm and correctly aligned. When you get used to it, you can save some time spent at optometrist adjusting your loose frames.

how to take care of your eyeglasses tom fordWhen you want to push your glasses up on your nose, don’t push on the nosepiece by one finger as well. It places pressure on the nose pads and weakens the whole frame. Use both hands again instead and move your specs back to the right position.

how to take care of your eyeglasses frame

2 Don’t wear your glasses on the top of your head

Where are my glasses!?’ - Have you already freaked out like this and then realized you were wearing your glasses on the top of your head? Well, you should not do it. Not only they can fall off your head and get damaged easily, but the frame may loose its shape and firmness at the same time.

how to take care of your glasses

3 Store your eyeglasses properly when you’re not wearing them

Have your case at your elbow all the time. When you take off your eyeglasses, put them into the case - this way you not only keep them away from dust or dirt, but also protect them from getting scratched, or even broken.

Almost all brands include original case in their packaging. Whether it’s massive and solid one , or microfiber pouch (typical for Oakley sport eyewear), they can all help you to keep your glasses save and sound. Any dust particles, tiny scratches, or smudges may cause you problems to see perfectly. Therefore, do your best to protect your specs as much as possible.
how to take care of your eyeglasses case

4 Use the right cleaning cloth

Cleaning cloth is generally included in the packaging when you purchase a new piece of eyewear as well. Today, high quality microfibre materials are being used by all official manufacturers, however, a solid cleaning cloth may be also found at optometrist or chemist.

Don’t underestimate a choice of cleaning material. Never use a piece of clothing, tissue, or paper to clean your lenses - all of these fibers have a textured surface and can easily scratch the lens.

how to take care of your eyeglasses cleaning cloth

5 Rinse - Spray - Clean - Repeat

To clean your eyeglasses, take them into your hand and rinse them with water before cleaning them - if you don’t rinse off any dust or dirt particles and wipe those when the lens is dry, you can scratch them quite easily. When you prefer using chemicals to water, always use sprays that are made for this purpose specifically.

Then, let your eyeglasses air dry - this is the best way how to avoid any dust or dirt get on the lens. Another (faster) option is to take your cloth and softly rub the lens on both sides until it’s clean.

Repeat this process daily. You will keep your glasses in a great condition and your eyes will not have to struggle with seeing through smudges, dust, or any other extra material that doesn’t belong there.

how to take care of your glasses cleaning process

6 Say goodbye to fogging

Does this sound familiar? It's a beautiful winter outside, but you can't see it at all because of the foggy glasses. You go to warm up into the coffee shop and you don't see anything again. One of the most annoying things about wearing glasses is undoubtedly their constant fogging in cold weather. But what if we tell you that it can be done differently?

Our handy Anti-fog spray is effective against fogging of all types of spectacle lenses. All you have to do is apply it evenly to clean lenses and then polish the glasses with a cleaning cloth. Choose from our certified glasses and in the shopping cart choose the option to add Anti-fog spray for only € 5.90. Enjoy trouble-free vision in any weather!

Anti-fog spray eyerim

While proper care is essential and may help you to keep your eyeglasses in a good condition, it’s also important to know when it’s the right time to get a new pair. If you experience eye fatigue, problems with reading from books, computer screen, or objects that are close to or far away from you, it may be right time to visit an optometrist. If the time is now, don't miss the new eyerim collection