We here at eyerim love sunglasses and wear them all the damn time, regardless of the season or weather conditions. However, the general population does not seem to share our strong penchant for quality shades. That's why we've decided to take on the responsibility of explaining everything that makes sunglasses a necessity. Here's our 5 main reasons why you too should always take sunglasses with you wherever you go.

1. Big surprise: they keep your eyes healthy

This is and forever will be the #1 reason to wear sunglasses. Despite the fact that “sunglasses = protection” seems to be quite common knowledge, people oftentimes fail to realise the extent of the risk. And we're here to explain why exactly sunglasses are important for your eye health.

eyerim explains the top 5 reasons why you should wear sunglasses

Short-term damage

UVB light can be harmful for your eyes, especially if you neglect to protect them from its strong glow. It can cause photokeratitis, which is comparable to a sunburn, only on your EYES. And yes, it's as painful as it sounds and you won't even see it coming – by the time symptoms such as eye redness, light sensitivity or tearing will present themselves, it will already be too late.

Long-term damage

If you expose your eyes to UV lighting without or with insufficient protection for a longer period of time, the adverse effects get even worse. UV rays can cause damage to the retina, which in turn can lead to macular degeneration, destroying your central vision and potentially leading to blindness. Also beware of cataracts – a grey clouding of the lens that blurs your vision, which may occur after long-term UV exposure.

Another uncomfortable eye condition is pterygium, also called surfer's eye (meaning that it often happens to surfers, but that doesn't mean you're safe). It's a pinkish growth that appears in the corner of one's eye, and trust us – you don't wanna see the pictures. Last (but definitely not least) is the risk of pinguecula, a yellow-tinted lesion forming on the surface of your eyeball. We'd include pictures, 


So what can be done to prevent these uncomfortable and dangerous eye conditions? First of all, make sure to shop for quality sunglasses and always check beforehand that they have 99-100% UVA and UVB protection. And second of all, don't forget to wear your sunglasses when you go out – and not just during the summer

2. They reduce headaches

eyerim explains the top 5 reasons why you should wear sunglasses

Sunlight doesn't only cause harmful, annoying and potentially blindness-inducing health conditions. Especially in summer, when the sun is at its strongest, a lack of sunglasses can lead to particularly nasty headaches. Prevent this by wearing sunglasses whenever you're outside in the sweltering summer heat. Doesn't get more straightforward than this!

3. Sports and driving

Many amazing, world-renowned brands like Oakley are always thinking of your sporting needs. Sunglasses for sport are designed in a way that optimizes your performance and makes sports easier for you. Whether it's cycling, hikingor any other sport you might prefer, sunglasses are definitely a good idea. Trust us.

When it comes to driving, those who are in the know swear by polarized sunglasses. Utilizing a technique called “polarization” (meaning the lenses get coated by protective chemicals), this type of sunglasses works to prevent glare. As we've mentioned in one of our previous blog posts, this makes polarized sunglasses for driving, as well as any activities around large bodies of water. Basically, everything, where light can get reflected off a surface and blind you.

4. You're even going to see better

eyerim explains the top 5 reasons why you should wear sunglasses

This is where we let you in on a secret: sunglasses can also make the world much more beautiful visually. How is that even possible, you ask? Refer back to the previous section on polarization and polarized sunglasses. Yes, apart from being super hi-tech in terms of protection, they also make all colours seem nicer and more pleasing to the eye. Now that's a win.

5. They make you look great

eyerim explains the top 5 reasons why you should wear sunglasses

Last but definitely not least: sunglasses are cool. They can both accentuate and hide your face (the latter option is super helpful when experiencing a particularly bad hangover, trust us). They come in all shapes and sizes, so you can really choose a pair that will accentuate your personality and style

One of the things we aim to do with our blog is to educate others. Thanks to the knowledge and experiences we have gained by working with eyewear for the past four years, there's just so much we want to share with you! Hopefully, this blog has given you some insight as to why wearing sunglasses is absolutely essential, and we'll soon be seeing you roaming the streets with some amazing, good quality shades. If you're worried about finding the right pair, look no further than the eyerim e-shop. We've got you covered!