The American Thanksgiving probably needs no introduction. What follows after it, however, just might – the Friday after Thanksgiving, commonly known as Black Friday, has quite the history. Traditionally, a lot of people were given the day off work that Friday, which led to it becoming the unofficial start of the Christmas shopping season. Today, countries all around the world are offering insane Black Friday deals and eyerim is no exception!

Blacky Friday eyerim


In an attempt to kickstart their holiday sales, retailers all around the US started offering Black Friday Discounts. The term “Black Friday” was first recorded in 1961 and the phenomenon slowly started building up, until Black Friday officially became the busiest shopping day of the year in 2005. People took advantage of their day off and the sales and flocked to the stores in masses.

Have you ever heard any of those crazy stories of intense, out of control crowds of shoppers? That’s Black Friday in the US for you. Many stores open as early as the night before and people spend hours waiting in line, right after they finish Thanksgiving dinner. This often results in complete chaos, as crowds of crazed (and in 12% of cases, drunk) people practically fight one another only to get the best deal. 

eyerim explains the history of Black Friday shopping and its amazing discounts.

Fun facts

• The name “Black Friday” is said to originate from the term “going into the black”, i.e. when retailers go from red (negative) numbers to turning a profit.

• The best offers are usually on toys, while jewellery is the least worth buying on Black Friday. #tips

• In the US, Black Friday has resulted in seven deaths and 98 injuries in the past 10 years. What a relief that you can also shop online, right?

• Black Friday as we know it is constantly changing and is no longer just limited to that one Friday. Not only do stores open as early as Thursday evening, but some retailers push the offers through the entire weekend and sometimes even longer.

Black Friday eyerim

What has eyerim prepared for you this year?

In eyerim, we love style – and what is more stylish than timeless colour black? Now the black is back and you can enjoy Black Friday on eyerim! It is the perfect time to treat yourself and your loved ones with stylish premium quality glasses, only now with amazing discounts up to 50%!  

Every week we will reveal one of our special deals. Here is the first one: 


Upgrade your style, get 100% UV protection of your eyes or discover trendy yet budget-friendly products from the new eyerim collection. Be in the spotlight with any model of our sunglasses. 

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Black Friday eyerim


Here is the second one:


Certified extra durable lenses with UV filters and lots of additional upgrades? Trendy frames with unmissable style? Buy frames with lenses and get 30% off both!

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Black Friday eyerim 


Here is the third one:


Check great quality and style of our eyerim collection of sunglasses and glasses. Only now: buy 2 products from eyerim collection and get 50% off the second one!

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Stay tuned, the next deal will be revealed soon!  


And that's not all! What would Black Friday be without proper competition? Take a photo with any pair of glasses purchased from eyerim's website. From 4.11. to 25.11. post it on Instagram, tag @eyerim.eyewear and use hashtag #eyerimBF. The winner gets a €100 voucher to buy glasses of his/her choice! Good luck. :)

Let's see the world differently together.

Black Friday eyerim