For those in favour of timeless and classy, bold ideas and matchless fashion - brand GUESS is a must. Let’s dive into the story of GUESS together.

Brief history

The founders of GUESS, the Marciano brothers, left France in 1981 to follow their American dream. Their first collection disappeared from the desks in a matter of hours, when a new fashion legend was born. GUESS is the eternal symbol of a young, adventurous and sexy lifestyle.


The GUESS eyewear collection features trendy sunglasses and eyeglasses for a sexy, confident woman. Easy-to-wear frames alternate with more original styles where the brand’s iconic elements are clearly identifiable. Attractive and seductive feminine shapes are showcased alongside classic, timeless designs represented in a modern way. 


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Full-frame gold sunnies are inspired by the bohemian and hippie era. Neutral brown lenses are easy to combine with many outfits but also great for driving, because they don’t distort the surrounding colours. Atypical Guess sunglasses with engraved G on frame definitely grab everyone’s attention.


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Single lens frame with mirrored bright blue lenses follows actual trends in eyewear. Perfectly fits into streetwear fashion and to sporty outfits as well. Stainless steel material is super durable and hypoallergenic at the same time. These Guess sunglasses are great for those with oval, squared and heart shaped faces. 


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Guess didn’t forget to include trendy lila colour into their portfolio. Minimalistic prescription glasses are ultra light so you can barely feel them on your face. Semi-transparent pastel frame is a good choice for heart and squared shaped faces and mainly for those, who love to stand out from the crowd with colourful frames.

Guess is trying to hit everyone, who is seeking for something unusual and timeless. Hope, you got inspired by this marvelous American brand and find your perfect pair of sunglasses or prescription glasses on eyerim eshop.