Polarized sunglasses is not only one of the most visited categories on eyerim, but also one of the most asked about. What are polarized lenses? Is your sight unprotected if you don’t buy polarized sunglasses? What are the advantages? But most importantly, are they worth paying extra for?

What is polarization?

Speaking in terms of physics, light is an electromagnetic wave which vibrates into multiple geometrical directions in space. All common sources of light we know (the sun, a lamp in your room or a candle) produce unpolarized light. That means, the electric charges vibrate in many directions. The process of turning unpolarized light into polarized is called polarization and, very roughly, it refers to making sure the light vibrates in one direction only.   

Are you already exhausted? Well, fortunately, this is not a blog about science, so let us explain this to you “in a way even your grandma would understand”.

There are two kinds of light: vertical (‘the good one’) and horizontal (‘the bad one’). Vertical one falls from the sky to get scattered and absorbed by objects around us. This allows us to see. Horizontal is that part of light which gets reflected from smooth surfaces and enter our eyes directly and blinding us. This is the phenomenon we know as glare.

Does this mean non-polarized sunglasses are not protecting my eyes?

No, not at all. All branded sunglasses are equipped with 100% UV filters meeting the highest EU standards. With no exception, lenses available on eyerim block the harmful rays and offer perfect UVA, UVB & UVC protection. Polarized lenses just  offer that additional technological magic of extra anti-glare comfort.

So what are polarized sunglasses  good for and why do you need them?

Polarized sunglasses are great for driving, to prevent you from annoying and in many cases dangerous light reflected from surface of the road or hoods of other cars. Fishermen and sailors, on the other hand, need polarization, so that they  avoid blinding rays reflected from water. Similarly, polarized sunglasses are great during your vacation to filter out glare reflected not only by the sea or sand but snow and ice as well.

Outdoor enthusiasts like joggers, hikers, cyclists, or golfers, all may enjoy clearer view thanks to polarization technology. Any skier or snowboarder can tell you how easily can glare hide holes and imperfections of the slope from your view.

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Which polarized lenses are the best?

In general, all internationally acclaimed brands manufacture polarized filters of exceptional quality. There are some manufacturers, however, which push the technological advancement a step further. Let’s get to know them.

Polarized sunglasses from Oakley are embodiment of the company’s commitment towards constant optical innovation. Oakley HDPolarized technology eliminates the need of glue or filters to be applied on the lens. They are molded as a single-layer lens and combination with Oakley’s High Definition Optics® (HDO®) technology makes them one of the clearest lenses available on the market.

Polaroid is the brand which brought polarized sunglasses to the masses. As signified in the brand’s name, all of their products, from affordable sunnies for everyday comfort to the Polaroid Premium line and collection for kids, feature polarized lenses. Polaroid’s UltraSight™ lenses are made of nine functional elements including scratch-resistant coating on both outer and inner surface.

At last, how could we possibly forget to mention the icon of polarization? Ray-Ban polarized sunglasses were originally created for fighter jet pilots, who have to endure extreme levels of direct sunlight. More than 70 years of innovation guarantee visual clarity, enhanced contrast and minimal levels of eye strain. Ray-Ban offers polarized lenses in multiple color variations for all of their timeless classics, including Aviator, Wayfarer and Clubmaster lines.

Is it worth it?

A big question that we all have ever faced - are polarized sunglasses worth their price? Well, let’s sum up their pros and cons objectively. No matter if you spend your day actively under the sun or driving, cycling, or hiking is your passion, polarized sunglasses are the best option for you. They:

• Diminish reflections and glare around the presence of snow or water

• Reduce eye fatigue

• Increase your sight comfort and allow to view objects in their brightest conditions

• Enhance clarity of vision and contrast for ground level objects

On the other hand, even though polarized lenses improve contrast and provide better protection, in some occasions they may have also disadvantages. Since they create the effect of making an image on the screen disappear at certain angles, they may reduce visibility of images produced by LCD screens (Cell phones, GPS devices, ATM). Pilots or operators of heavy machines, for example, are often prohibited from using polarized sunglasses.

Despite  its very few inconveniences, we believe that polarized sunglasses are without any hesitation the better choice for you! Whether you go jogging or play golf during weekends, drive to work or simply laying under the sun, polarized lenses are a must have. For me personally, getting my first folding Persol Steve McQueen made me go through the same experience as when I bought my first iPhone. Sure, even the old phone could answer calls, check email and take pictures. But as many would tell you, after getting hooked on the incredible ease of use and performance iPhone offers, there is no way I would revert back. With polarized sunglasses, it is the same.

So what do you think? Are polarized sunglasses a ‘go’ for you? Check out our complete offer of polarized shades now. Don’t worry if you are not 100% sure about your choice. On eyerim, we run 30 days return policy - if you are not convinced about your new polarized shades, you can simply return them back to us. Although we bet you will love them!


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