Have you spent hours deciding which sunglasses fits you the most? Proper fitting sunglasses may help you to create a stunning look! Did you know that you can easily determine your best fit by your face shape? If not, you’re the lucky one today! Check out our weekly guide to matching sunglasses with your face shape. Oval faces stay tuned!

If you want to achieve a stylish look and find the right sunglasses for your face shape, first step is to determine what shape does your face actually have. There are four basic shapes that we distinguish - oval, rectangular, heart and round shape. In order to determine yours, you don’t need to use a ruler, you can simply estimate it by measuring the span with your fingers. Since today’s post is devoted to oval faces, let’s check out their characteristic features:

• your face is long and thin

• your chin is slightly narrower than your forehead

• your face is widest at your cheekbones

• your jawline is rounded and has no hard lines to it

So what do you think? Are you oval-shaped face type? If your answer is yes, then you should continue reading and find out more about pieces of eyewear that are predestined to create a perfect match for you. Let’s find out the right sunglasses for you, oval faces. We present you a special selection of sunglasses that are definitely a ‘go’ for you either you’re a man or a woman.


You’re the lucky ones! For the rest of us there is only place for envy. Your face is an exciting blank canvas for choosing sunglasses. You can pull off just about any style, confidently. Don’t throw away the opportunity to play with variety of colours, shapes or angles - there are literally no limits for you. Retro cat-eye or round frames are good to compliment your cheekbones. Classic Ray-Ban Aviator, or Ray-Ban Erika always fit you perfectly, as well.  On the other hand, rectangle or trendy square frames may nicely balance your vertical face orientation. If you decide to go for futuristic Dior, playful Fendi, or chic MiuMiu, your look will stand out! 

Perfect match for your face shape oval face sunglasses


Well done, you’ve won the genetic jackpot! I guess that you will definitely spend some time browsing for the perfect pair on eyerim. With oval face shape that is taller than it’s wide, your options are infinite. Enjoy experimenting! Oversized and bold shapes such as aviators are the best for you. Check out some Ray-Ban Aviator or embodiment of elegance, Persol, will pull it off for you! On the other hand, rectangle frames can nicely balance your face proportions. If you're a sport enthusiast, Oakley can offer you some nice rectangle shapes suitable for any sport activity. At last, don’t forget to play with textures to suit your personal style. Designer specialties such as unisex Dior, or Marc Jacobs - you’re a master of all of them.

Use our virtual try-on tool on eyerim to see what fits you best. Try it yourself, or invite a friend to get a second opinion. If you don’t belong to this group of perfectly shaped faces with no problem in choosing their perfect piece of sunglasses, don’t panic! There are plenty of styles you can pull off. Stay tuned - in next week’s face shape guide we will present perfect combinations for our beloved heart-shaped!