Persol is an Italian hand-crafted eyewear brand, which is specialized in sunglasses and prescription glasses. The name Persol - is derived from Italian per il sole, meaning "for the sun". History of Persol starts in 1917 in Turin and the owner Giuseppe Ratti started producing his first glasses and lenses for athletes and aviators. Nowadays all plastic Persol (sun)glasses are made in Italy using cellulose acetate.

Persol is one of the oldest eyewear companies in the world and is currently owned by the Luxottica group. Even today, every frame it's made in Italy. Still by hand, scrupulously perfect, complex and precise.



All Persol sunglasses and prescription glasses are packaged in a branded retail box. Every box includes a Persol guarantee certificate. This certificate features an embossed Persol logo, inside features space for details about the sunglasses and retailer. Branded dust cloth is another thing, which is included in the box. The last thing is the Persol case that features a logo. 

How to spot authentic Persol sunglasses - packaging, certificate, dust cloth, case


From the crystal lenses to the acetates and metals of the frames, the iconic arrow and the hidden technologies beneath the surface - Persols are more than just glasses, they are works of art. Most models use lenses made from the most precious optical material of natural origin guaranteeing protection and visual clarity.

Persol sunglasses feature their patented 'Meflecto' flexible stem system, which is the world's first flexible stem system designed for maximum comfort by eliminating pressure on the head from the arms of glasses. The Meflecto system allows the glasses to adapt to the unique shape of any face and bend comfortably for the wearer.

How to spot authentic Persol sunglasses - materials


Its trademark is the silver arrow (often referred to as the "Supreme Arrow"), and several of the company's glasses feature this symbol.  The supreme Arrow is the symbol of Persol, the defining feature. When Ratti created the Arrow, he said, “this will be my warhorse.” From the first simplified version (called Simplex), the Arrow has evolved through continual technical and design adjustments, arriving at the Supreme Arrow, which is currently used in Persol collections. 

The historical evolution of the Arrow includes over 30 different types. The arrow is what makes a pair of Persol’s recognizable among the vast landscape of optics, and what makes the brand so iconic. Arrow is made of metal and is nicely crafted into the glasses. It should be flat to the frame with a straight, clean edge.

How to spot authentic Persol sunglasses - trademark


Most of the sunglasses have a Persol logo placed in the top corner of the right lens. Right temple arm of Persol sunglasses features the Persol logo, followed by 'Hand Made in Italy'. Letters CE signifying European Conformity must be also featured.  On the left temple arm of new Persol sunglasses is written the model code which is 3 or 4 numbers followed by a letter. And also you can find there the size information which is two separate numbers. 

How to spot authentic Persol sunglasses - logo  How to spot authentic Persol sunglasses - logo    

This August Persol have prepared a brand new collection, which is divided into 5 series: THE BREAK, THE FUN, THE RIDE, THE CHILL, THE TABLE. Persol collection celebrates life in all its glory - challenges you to let the routine sing, and the novelty dance. The greatest freedom is to be who you are. Observe the perfect design of a blade of grass, a shaft of sunshine, the warmth on your skin. Share the company of friends who instinctively get it: these small pleasures matter more than anything. Discover the latest Persol 2019 collection.

Please note that this guideline doesn’t guarantee authenticity and Persol may make any changes to their manufacturing processes. We will, however, always make sure to update our guidelines with any changes coming to keep you posted! Check our Persol collection on eyerim eshop and try some via Magic Mirror.