Every woman who wears glasses knows how difficult it can be to combine great makeup with them. Eyes can appear much bigger/smaller under glasses, mascara rubs on lenses, etc. That's why we bring you 7 smart tips to make your makeup and glasses complement each other perfectly.

The base is must-have

Eye makeup is not just quickly applied shadows and liner. So that the resulting effect not only looks great but also lasts the whole day, it is good to use a base. This is because it perfectly prepares the skin's surface for the subsequent application of makeup or eye shadows, which, thanks to it, do not settle in wrinkles and last much longer.

Focus on the eye area

When applying eye makeup, the area around the eyes is equally important, the imperfections of which are often accentuated by glasses. Therefore, in addition to the base, use a corrector or highlighter in an apricot shade, which neutralizes dark circles or veins under the eyes and brightens the area without making it look too bright.

Choose a suitable eyeliner

Precisely applied eyeliner can highlight your eyes beautifully and add depth to your look. But the problem is that when wearing glasses, they smear easily and leave unsightly smudges, both on the face and on the glasses. Therefore, choose waterproof eyeliner, which is more durable and will last you all day despite your glasses!

Tip: Adapt the thickness of the eyeliner to the frame of your glasses. This means that if you have bold and thick frames, feel free to apply a bolder liner. On the contrary, choose a more discreet line for delicate and thin frames.

Match the color of the frame with the shade of the makeup

Glasses are not only a practical tool, but they can also be a perfectly stylish accessory that draws attention to your eyes. Take advantage of this and choose colors that highlight both your eyes and the glasses themselves. For example, if you wear glasses with brown frames, choose warm shades of brown or golden shadows. Silver frames go well with cold shades of gray or blue. Almost everything goes well with timeless black frames, but if you are the proud owner of glasses in bold colors like pink, red, purple or green, don't experiment too much with eye shadows. (Of course, we are talking about makeup, so do what makes you feel good! ♥)

Tip: Eye shadow should not extend beyond the frame of your glasses so that the overall look does not appear too distracting.

The type of diopter you wear also plays its role in makeup. Since near-sighted glasses (farsightedness) optically enlarge the eyes, balance this phenomenon with bright and shimmery makeup. Conversely, if you cannot see far (myopia), your eyes are probably optically smaller. Therefore, use a darker matte eye shadow and, for example, a white pencil on the lower eye line. This will balance the proportions and at the same time emphasize the shape of your eyes.

Pay attention to the eyelashes

Eye makeup without mascara? That's hard! It is she who highlights your eyelashes and optically enlarges the eye. To prevent the eyelashes from rubbing against the glasses and to achieve a real "wow effect", do not forget to use eyelash curlers first. First, apply tweezers near the lid, then in the middle of the lashes and finally at the end. The subsequent application of mascara creates a perfect look.

Tip: Feel free to skip the makeup of the lower eyelashes. The frame of the glasses can cast a shadow and together with the dark lower lashes, your eyes could look tired.

Avoid too dark shadows

If you are a smokey make-up lover, wear it with contact lenses, but try something different with glasses. Eye shadow that is too dark under glasses can make your eyes look tired. Instead, bet on bright colors, highlighting the natural color of the lid. For a little extra "drama", apply a slightly darker shade to the outer corner of the eye and blend it well.

Don't forget your eyebrows

If you already have your eyes made up to your liking, don't forget one more important thing - eyebrows. When wearing glasses, at least part of the eyebrows is visible outside the frame, so they should be adjusted, preferably thicker. Don't be afraid to add a little color - pencils, shadows or eyebrow gels are available in all kinds of shades.

We believe that these tips have helped you and the beauty of your eyes will be even more pronounced under glasses!

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