Eyes are one of the essential senses and that’s the reason why we should take more care about them, even in a preventive way. Most of us visit an ophthalmologist only when we have problems with sight or suffer from pain. With regular eye examinations, more serious illnesses such as high blood pressure, diabetes, tumours or metabolic disorders can be detected in time.

When is it urgent to visit an eye doctor?

✔  if you notice an acute condition that has occurred without a clear suggestion,
✔  if you feel a foreign object in your eye,
✔  if you experience pain, burning, redness, impaired vision, double vision,
✔  if you have chronic pain and vision problems, which may eventually worsen,
✔  if you suffer from chronic headache (impaired vision may not be the cause, but it is recommended to check your eyesight, which may be a trigger)

How often should I visit my ophthalmologist?

In order to prevent various visual impairments, it is advisable to visit an ophthalmologist once per year. If you are older than 60 years, you should visit an ophthalmologist more than once a year. Everyone should really be able to find a few hours of time to examine their eyes. After all, it's still one of our most important senses, and without him, your life can change very quickly. So don’t be a couch potato and if you don’t remember when you last visited your doctor, call for an appointment. ASAP.

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What does an eye examination look like?

- examination of visual acuity (diopter measurement of each eye and the best visibility test without glasses)
 - examination of eye (intraocular) pressure and peripheral vision (as prevention of glaucoma which in the early stages is characterized by deterioration of peripheral vision and increased intraocular pressure)
- tear production exam (the possibility of the appearance of some allergic diseases, autoimmune diseases, endocrinological diseases, causes of repeated inflammation)
- eye background examination (detection of changes in blood vessels, change of the optic nerve, retina, yellow spots or intraocular tumours)
- front eye examination (cornea, iris and lens)

In the case of medical discovery of eye damage, it is advisable to choose the right eyewear for you to be well-worn and to help correct visual impairment. The old way is to go to the optics, but in eyerim you have the opportunity to buy prescription glasses online. Many of you will be sceptical and will think that prescription glasses are hard to choose through the internet, but let us convince you that it is really simple. Read this article, how to read eyeglass prescription and get rid of any worries. If you are still not sure, don’t hesitate to contact our friendliest customer service

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I have prescription details, what’s next?

On eyerim, you can shop dozens of prescription glasses, even our own eyerim collection of prescription glasses. Wide variety of frames, materials, top-notch quality lenses that are manufactured and set into your frame for free with possibility to upgrade them, e.g. with adding polarization layer, blue light protection and many more. The latest feature is - progressive (or multifocal) lenses, that are available in eyerim collection only. And the best thing? If you don’t like the glasses upon arrival, you can return them in the next 30 days. We will refund you the whole price you paid. The whole price, really. With the lenses and all.


Optometrist and ophthalmologist are not the same professions. An ophthalmologist is a doctor, who can prescribe glasses, do eye examinations, do basic optometry services and mainly cure eye diseases and acute problems. An optometrist is the primary health care provider  - can do a routine eye exam (check if you need stronger lenses, etc.), teach you how to apply contact lenses but can not do a surgical job. 

Long story short - visit an ophthalmologist when you need medical or surgical treatment of serious eye conditions. If you need to undergo routine eye care, such as eye exam or refilling an eyeglass, to learn how to apply/buy contact lenses - visit an optometrist. 

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We believe that we have convinced you of the importance of regular preventive examinations and at the same time have shown you a simple way how to buy your prescription glasses online. Check out eyerim eshop and we believe you will definitely choose the right one for you.