Contact lenses are a great alternative to glasses, but they require proper care. To ensure their long-term functionality and the health of your eyes, it's important to follow a few basic rules.


How should I properly clean my contact lenses?


Undoubtedly, the simplest option for maintenance is daily disposable contact lenses. You don't have to worry about cleaning or storing them, as you simply throw them away at the end of the day and use new ones in the morning.

Soft, multi-day contact lenses require a case and a solution for cleaning, rinsing, and storing - a multipurpose (universal) solution, which is very popular due to its ease of use. There is also a more effective cleaning method, in the form of peroxide cleaning solutions. However, a strict procedure must be followed here.


A procedure of the manual lens cleaning 


1) Always wash and thoroughly dry your hands before handling the lenses.

2) Place the lens on your palm or the back of your hand, lightly cover it with a universal cleaning solution and very gently rub the lens with your finger. This will remove deposits that remain on the contact lens after disinfection.

3) After cleaning, put the lens in a special case, which you fill with a new cleaning solution (Never use water or saliva, because they contain bacteria and other microorganisms.) Change the case regularly every 3 months.

4) Lenses should always be cleaned before storing them in the case in the evening and before putting them on in the morning.

Note: Today, there are also solutions labelled "NO RUB," which should ensure perfect care for the lenses without manual cleaning. However, we still recommend manually cleaning contact lenses, as this method keeps the lenses cleaner and your eyes healthier.


Want to know what not to do with contact lenses? Read it HERE.


Can I use ordinary tap water to clean my contact lenses?

Definitely not. Never use anything other than special solutions for cleaning and storing contact lenses. Your contact lenses should not come into contact with water or any liquid. Water (tap/bottled/distilled/sea/saliva…) may contain bacteria that can cause serious problems in the eye. It's important to remember this when travelling and always have a contact lens solution on hand.


How should I properly store my contact lenses?

Multi-day contact lenses should be stored in designated cases, which must be clean and regularly changed. Change the case at least once every three months and regularly rinse it with a cleaning solution. Never use a solution that is already in the case from the previous day!

When should I use eye drops while wearing contact lenses?

Eye drops (or artificial tears) are a great way to protect and moisturize the eyes. Most contact lens wearers are recommended drops that should be applied before contact lens wear. This allows the drops to spread thoroughly over the entire surface of the eye, facilitating the subsequent application of the lenses. However, manufacturers state that some types of drops can also be applied after the lenses are on (read the leaflet of the eye drops carefully or ask your eye doctor.)


How should I properly put on my contact lenses?



1) Wash and dry your hands thoroughly.
2) Carefully remove the contact lens from the case with your fingertip. (You can also use special tweezers for this step - it is more sterile, but you must always sterilize the tweezers after use.)
3) Then place the lens on the tip of your index finger or another finger.
4) Check from the side to see if the contact lens is inside out. If it's the right way, it should resemble the shape of a bowl.
5) Gently pull down the lower eyelid with your finger, look upward, keep your eye wide open, and place the lens in the center of your eye.
6) Close your eye and blink. The lens will settle into the right place on its own. If necessary, you can gently touch and move the lens to the center.
7) A properly applied contact lens should be comfortable in the eye. If it's not, remove it, gently clean it with a solution, and apply it again.
8) Apply the second lens in the same way.


Note: Never exceed the recommended wearing time and regularly change lenses according to the manufacturer's recommendations.


Do I need to maintain special hygiene when handling contact lenses?

Always wash your hands thoroughly (use soap without perfumes and oils) and dry them with a lint-free towel before any lens handling. Avoid touching any textiles. Properly washed hands will help you avoid a possible eye infection. It's also important to avoid contact with water. Remove your lenses when showering, swimming, using a sauna, or other activities involving water to prevent contamination or damage to the lenses.


Do I still need to visit an eye doctor if I have lenses?

Even if you already have your prescription (whether for glasses or contact lenses), regular eye doctor check-ups once a year are essential. In case of any problems, such as eye redness, pain, or deteriorated vision, seek professional help immediately.


Proper care of contact lenses increases their lifespan and ensures the health of your eyes. Follow these simple steps and enjoy the comfort and benefits that contact lenses offer.