Days run fast, and here we are back again with our guidance on how to select a pair of stunning sunnies according to your face shape! Aftering covering oval, heart and rectangular shapes the only one left is a round face. Ladies and gentlemen, get closer to the screen!

Today we are looking at round faces and telling you what are the likely frames that will make your overall look a statement. Since our facial guides usually begin with peering into mirrors, frontal cameras and other reflective surfaces to confirm that you really have that face shape that we here discuss, let’s not break the tradition. So, repeat after us: Mirror, mirror on the wall, tell me if I have:

• cute chubby cheeks that visually widen your face to match its length

• high prominent cheekbones

• soft oval jawline

• and unlike square face, yours has narrower chin and forehead than the cheekbones’ width

Overall, your face should resemble a circle. Sounds relatable? Well, if yes let’s check what frames are a must-have for you, and which ones to avoid!


A girl with round face, you’re used to being called all the cutest names and however dreamy and cuddly you might look it is not always easy to pick a pair of glasses for you since your face is so special! To avoid accentuating its fullness your goal should be to pick frames that add contrast and place the right accents. That’s why generally you should be looking for wide, angular frames with thicker bridge or edgy half-rimmed rectangular frames. They will visually add length to your face and make it appear slimmer. Another stylish option: clubmasters or angular frames with upswept edges at temples! They will definitely compliment the beauty of your eyes. You can also go for more cool pilot or aviator frames but definitely avoid small-sized and round-shaped glasses. Those enhance the roundness of your face and give off a vibe of a highschool teacher that you definitely do not want to have!

Color-wise, do try bright color variations with funky brow adornments and snazzy prints. Also check out frames with flexible nose pads as those guarantee the most comfort.

sunglasses for your face shape women


Guys with round faces usually make an impression of a kind, warm-hearted neighbour-next-door and they definitely yarn for switching it to a more edgy, coolish one. Frames can be really helpful in this respect; especially if you choose some angular frames that are wide enough to offset their height. For example, do consider buying a pair of wayfarers that would add class to your look, or go for some good-old pilot frames that incorporate coolness and manhood in your appearance. Bright-color pilots such as sky-blue ones would be especially trimming.

Also check black clubmasters with wooden rims, or specialty ones made of wood or recycled plastic - they will surely differentiate you from the crowd. You should nonetheless avoid round and small frames, as well as oversized ones!

sunglasses for your face shape: round

That’s it, folks! We talked about all major face shapes already. Starting this with the mindset of pulling in a few useful advices on how to pick the right pair of frames for the face you’ve got we believe that the guides were of some help for you. However sad it is to finish this rubric we will definitely explore more and come up with some even more creative and engaging topics to cover. Your needs come first, so we promise it will be no less fun!