Have you bought new prescription glasses and now your head hurts? Do you experience eye-strain? Do they fall off your head easily? Ordering another model is not always the solution. Try these recommendations from our optometrists first.

Eyes are getting used to the new diopters for 1 week

If you have switched to different lenses or index, you have to wait a few days until it "switches also in your head". In the first days, it is normal to feel headaches and eye-strain, tearing, or even distorted vision (for example, you can see a square as a diamond). If you have astigmatism, you may even feel like the floor is rising when you are walking up the stairs. It takes about 1 week to develop a habit and for multifocal (progressive) lenses it is even up to 2 weeks. Our optometrists recommend following these guidelines:

- Do not start wearing your new glasses until the next morning - this is how will your eyes wake up to a new environment and adapt more easily.
- Wear new glasses as much as possible and NEVER alternate them with old ones. Avoid switching new glasses with old ones during the day, as you can confuse both your eyes and brain.
- Start wearing new glasses at home first and ideally over the weekend when you do not have to work 8 hours in front of the computer. Even if you have protection against blue light, your eyes will be more stressed by focusing when reading, driving, and so on.
- For multifocal (progressive) lenses, try to look at distances as well as at close range. Sit on the couch and try to look at the book and the TV alternately to find the right angle.

If your problems persist for a week, contact your eye doctor or optometrist immediately.

Adjust the nose pads to the shape and size of your nose

If the new glasses do not fit your nose, adjust the span of the nose pads. Grab the nose pad between your thumb and forefinger, gently bend it and try them on in front of the mirror. The nose pad should sit comfortably on the nose. If it looks crooked, put them down, and repeat the procedure. Avoid bending the nose pads by pushing the frame against your nose with the glasses on your face. This is a really gentle adjustment, and you have to be patient.

Adjusting the nose pads to the shape and size of your nose

Heat the falling glasses with a hairdryer and bend the temple tips

If the new glasses do not hold on to your head, adjust the ends of the temple tips behind your ears. Before applying any pressure to the glasses, warm them with a hairdryer so that they do not break. Blow-dry the glasses in the direction away from the lenses, which could be damaged by warm air. It will take 30 seconds to warm up the sides for the beginning, if they are still stiff, you can heat them more. Avoid using an open flame (lighters, candles), which could damage the surface and color of the glasses.

If you have followed all the recommendations and the glasses still do not fit, you do not have to worry at all. In eyerim you have a 30-day no-questions-asked return policy guaranteed. We know how it goes and you are the one who decides.