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Avoid stress before Christmas - Choose the best gift with the help of virtual reality

Today, magical moment of surprise under the Christmas tree is truly precious. Cater to the taste, decide what is a good fit and what is not, make it on time, and on a top of everything, surprise your close ones - this must already sound stressful. When it comes to accessories such as sunglasses or prescription glasses, magical moment of surprise must seem almost impossible. Most probably you’ll have to take your mummy, girlfriend, dad or grandma to a opticians store and choose the right sunnies or eyeglasses together. And the magic disappears! Fortunately, with our help your Christmas story may end up differently this year.

No matter if you’re looking for the right pair of sunglasses that your girlfriend has been dreaming about for the entire year or you cannot watch your granny screwing up her eyes when solving Sunday’s crossword puzzles anymore. Perhaps your dad still complains on his morning way to work how he regrets not buying those polarized sunglasses last year. On eyerim you’ll find anything and everything for your close ones - it’s fast, easy and most importantly, you can do it yourself and surprise them.

When I say easy, I really mean it. You only need two things -  a picture of a person for whom you’re choosing a gift and our virtual mirror. All sunglasses and prescription glasses available for virtual try on on our website include this sign virtual try on on eyerim .  Choose the glasses that might suit your close one, load their picture and voilà - our virtual mirror will do the rest!  If you’re still not 100% sure, discuss it with your friends or even contact us. Send the picture to us via email or Facebook and we'll look at it through ‘the eyes of an expert’.

Avoid shopping stress before Christmas with our virtual mirror and you may save Christmas magic like Daniel…


Granny or boyfriend, grandpa or dad, brother or your mum - none of them will have to join you on the way to opticians store or after Christmas sales this year. On eyerim you can enjoy Christmas deals already now. Moreover, we guarantee delivery until Christmas on all sunglasses, prescription glasses and snow goggles in stock. Just gather some pictures of your family or friends and our virtual mirror will do the rest. Have yourself a peaceful and magical Christmas!


I'm head of customer experience - one of the early family members of eyerim. Lately I've redirected my energy to blog where I combine my creativity with passion in photography and art. I'm a french bulldog freak addicted to everything related to Scandinavia.

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