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Go. Explore. See.: Mountains of Slovakia

Welcome to our next, this year's last, episode of the Go. Explore. See. video series. Today, we are going to explore the mountains, conquer steep mountain channels, and pass through a forest covered with a layer of freshly fallen snow.


Mountains is a place where people slow down and enjoy presence. The place where freedom prevails. Where material possession does not matter. It is the ideal place for cleaning up your mind and for coming up to new ideas. It’s a place where you feel most alive. The mountains will teach you a lot, and from the mountains, you will bring a great dose of peace and freedom to the present-day world.

We tried to capture the majesty of the Slovak mountains and their peace in the episode Mountains of Slovakia of the Go.Explore.See. video series. Soon, with the new episode, we will again visually take you to another beautiful corner of the beautiful world out there.


I'm one of the co-founders. My domain has been content creation and social media. I'm obsessed with flamingos and travelling. I collect most of my creative ideas after long hikes in the mountains and I love art and photography.

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