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The Best Street Style Looks from Fashion Weeks 2019: New York, London, Milan, Paris

Fashion weeks are always a big deal. No matter if you’re into fashion or not at all, you definitely heard about fashion weeks - it’s literally everywhere. New incredible trends, out-of-this-world runaways and all the celebrities, influencers and fashion bloggers that exist come together at this special event to have a peek what will be the next thing everyone will go nuts about in few months. So we thought we find the people that inspire us the most off the runway - the street style legends. Come and have a look, they all look fantastic!

NEW YORK FASHION WEEK: Haute Couture 2019

The absolute first fashion week this year was in the city that never sleeps - one and only New York. Filled with the freshest trends and undeniably stylish people, we thought we’d bring the feeling of this city through the following pictures, at least.


Fashion week New York 2019, Autumn/Winter collection, Rectangular Polaroid Sunglasses in Black

This man is awesome. We can feel the New York City right through him! Elegant, yet casual, he opted for one of the biggest eyewear trends of the upcoming seasons - black rectangular sunglasses. These Polaroid sunglasses look almost identical, don’t they? If rectangular frames are what you’re looking for, these or these shades should also be the right fit.


What an angel! White will always be such a dashing colour no matter the season or current trends. But no matter the awesome outfit you choose, you gotta accessorize! Eyewear is the best choice if you don’t mind us saying. And round sunglasses are not going anywhere for this year, babes! Like these classic round Ray-Ban sunglasses! If those are not your cuppa, definitely try these Tommy Hilfiger shades or these Marc Jacobs ones.


Fashion week New York 2019, Autumn/Winter collection, Marc Jacobs Aviator Prescription Glasses

Sharp. Smart. Chic. Remarkably natural and relaxed. That’s how we’d describe this gorgeous lady. With aviator prescription glasses, her look is complete! We have these Marc Jacobs prescription glasses over there on our eyerim e-shop and let us say they look very much alike. Or maybe try these Dior frames, these Guess or these Ray-Ban General Optics. You’ll be complete either way, trust us.   

LONDON FASHION WEEK: Haute Couture 2019

London is magical. With its unreal combination of historical and modern architecture and a glorious mixture of cultures, opinions and styles, there’s no place that feels like London.


Simplicity at its best! Neat and graceful, just like all the Londoners (probably) are. Aviator sunglasses were huge in the 90s and are huge for upcoming seasons again! Check out these Ray-Ban sunglasses or these Michael Kors sunglasses and you’ll instantly feel like the best version of yourself.


Power couple. Couple goals. Is there any other cool millennial way to describe a couple that we all want to be a part of? Anyways, these guys look fabulous. The matching colour palette and the matching eyewear are simply fantastic. These Vogue x Gigi Hadid sunglasses for her, these BOSS by Hugo Boss for him. Or try out this new tiny collection! Just get some a go out to the streets along with your significant other and you’ll be just as cool and pure as these two, okay? That’s all.


Why does everyone in London look so effortless whilst rushing somewhere? Should we move over there? Would that help? Guess not. This lovely girl opted for neutral colours, looking modest and smart and all that, and then BAM! she added a bright green roll-neck and single-lens shades! She knows her stuff well. These Ralph Lauren single-lens sunglasses look very similar! Or maybe try out these Diesel ones or this Versace piece and thank us later.

MILAN FASHION WEEK: Haute Couture 2019

Ciao, Milan, you beauty! We’re falling in love with you every year all over again. Few reasons why below...


Black and white combination queen. A sleek hairstyle and monochrome, elegant accessories - and you have the look. Oversized sunglasses will never go out of style, no matter what. They are practical and absolutely gorgeous, elegant and timeless. Dolce&Gabbana oversized sunglasses will never disappoint. Or check out this Prada piece or these Giorgio Armani ones and you’ll definitely find the ones!       


What a gem. Straight out of the Matlock series, right? This guy thought about every detail of his outfit and we very much appreciate everyone who is a little extra with details! And these blue Emporio Armani sunglasses will look great on you too! Or rather these Gucci ones? You decide.


We love good trench-coat-outfit! Nostalgia always hits us with the inspector Gadget vibes and we instantly feel happier! And this girl meets our requirements perfectly - we all can agree that not everybody can pull shiny trench-coat-based-outfit off with such confidence! But when you top it all with the right eyewear choice, you’re golden no matter what. Like these Giorgio Armani prescription glasses or these similar Web ones. Fingers crossed!

PARIS FASHION WEEK: Haute Couture 2019

Paris - the city of love, fashion, croissants, incredible architecture and distinctive style. Paris fashion week is always a huge thing, especially in this charming city. Whose street style did we fell in love with this year? Carry on.  


Elegant, unique, sexy and mature - the style that suits everybody but not everyone’s ballsy enough to get there. This lady has it all though and obviously knows herself better than most. Try adding these dark Fossil sunglasses to the accessory part of your closet and see whether you’ll see yourself in a different light. (YEAH YOU WILL! ‘Cause those are sunglasses so of course, you’ll see yourself in a different light, hahaha. Get it? No? K, bye.)


This is literally Paris in a picture - ordinary but oh so pretty! Remember, if you want to be as laid-back and classy as this girl is, just opt for the right eyewear. We mentioned above that rectangular shades are the bomb this year and this natural fashion diva is well aware of it. She picked shades similar to these Diesel sunglasses, or this lovely Komono piece. Which pair will you choose?


Denim is the new black. Paired with some warm roll-neck pullover and eye-catching sporty shades is the way to go. This fella knows, so he opted for striking sunglasses similar to these and these Moschino ones, or this Tommy Hilfiger gem. And we’re living for it.

Hopefully, the little piece of this year’s fashion weeks brought you some joy and inspiration - that’s what we’re always aiming for, after all. Just remember to be yourself and always choose the clothes, books, jobs, styles, eyewear that you love. That will make a tremendous difference in you and your confidence! We just thought you should know that you are amazing even if you don’t go to the fashion weeks or follow the latest trends. Okay? Now off with you to the eyerim e-shop! It’s a good place.


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