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Top 9 street style looks of Fashion Week 2018: Paris, New York, London

Obviously, Fashion Weeks are wildly popular because of the big names on the runways such as Gucci, Prada, Burberry, Dolce & Gabanna or Mulberry. But every year right before the incredible fashion shows begin, the big stars gleam right at the streets. We found the absolute winners of the street style fashion in the biggest, most fashionable cities of the world this year– Paris, New York, London. Come on then, let’s get some fashion inspiration together!


Paris is not only a city of love but also the city where everyone looks fashionable no matter what day it is. Here are our favourite Parisians who attended Fashion Week this year.


Top street style looks Paris     Top Fashion Week sunglasses Ray-Ban

Najlepšie outfity slnečné okuliare Prada   Najlepšie outfity slnečné okuliare Dior Najlepšie outfity slnečné okuliare Boss by Hugo Boss

This first look combines delicacy of a ballerina with this peachy maxi dress with polka dot pattern, both of which are the biggest trends of this year; and a fashion statement extra shiny leather jacket, leather heeled boots and grey pants which add bold femininity to this look. Every fashion diva knows that eyewear is the key of an outfit. In this look we can’t help but notice these subtle but chic round shades! Now, you can get this look too; just browse through all these round sunnies. Ray-ban or Prada, we let you choose and remember that you can be a fashionista in just a few days!


Top street style looks Paris     Top Fashion Week street style looks 2018

Najlepšie outfity slnečné okuliare Marc Jacobs Najlepšie outfity slnečné okuliare Max MaraNajlepšie outfity slnečné okuliare Tom Ford

We all know it’s still pretty cold outside, so bare ankles and shoulders should stay in the warmth of nice cotton and wool. This fashion diva agrees! She opted for comfy, ripped jeans with warm, thick tights underneath and simple black turtle neck jumper topped with oversized baby pink bomber jacket. She didn’t forget that details make an outfit – detailed flats, big earrings, appealing handbag and oversized sunglasses. Have a look at our website and choose a pair of trendy sunglasses like these Marc Jacobs or these Tom Ford ones and be the most fashionable version of yourself!


Top street style looks Paris     Top Fashion Week street style looks 2018

Najlepšie outfity slnečné okuliare Marc JacobsNajlepšie outfity slnečné okuliare Dolce GabannaNajlepšie outfity slnečné okuliare Gucci

Red is never-dying colour throughout the whole year. It suits everyone and is the colour that attracts attention. If you don’t have the courage to wear red, look at this gal! She is wearing all tones of red – colourful blouse where red is the dominant colour, handbag with lovely red tones, beautiful red coat, red nails and red lipstick! Wow! She didn’t forget about the magic of accessory as she opted for gold bracelets and rings, eye-catching earrings, leopard print hat and pink round sunglasses. Be brave and show your fierce side in a red outfit! Oh, and don’t forget to get these funky pink sunglasses to go with it as well!


New York is the city that never sleeps and New York fashion is clearly wide awake. Get inspired by these hot New Yorkers.


Top street style looks New York     Top Fashion Week street style looks 2018

               Top Fashion Week street style looks 2018 Top Fashion Week street style looks 2018 Top Fashion Week street style looks 2018

Sometimes fashion trends are a bit wacky and not at all minimalistic. But if you like minimal style with a pinch of elegance, you’ll like this New Yorker casually strolling down the street whilst being photographed, as you do. White stripy suit completed with a nude coat, white leather sock boots and small handbag with a dash of red colour is exactly what a moderate fashion lover would opt for. Gold earrings and amazing dark, oversized shades are the finishing touches that make this look perfectly put together. Whether you are an admirer of simplicity or you think it’s simply boring, we bet you’ll get hooked on these chic black sunglasses no matter what!


Top street style looks New York     Top Fashion Week street style looks 2018

                                          Najlepšie outfity dioptrické okuliare PradaNajlepšie outfity dioptrické okuliare PradaNajlepšie outfity dioptrické okuliare Juicy Couture

"On Wednesdays, we wear pink," that’s what Regina George in a legendary film Mean Girls commanded. And we would bet our favourite pair of eyewear, that it was Wednesday when this beauty took Regina’s words to heart and attended Fashion Week. Pink is difficult to pull off sometimes but this gal knows what suits her well! She mashed a few tones of pink together, added pair of smart prescription glasses and voilà – we’ve been stunned! If you want to brighten up any of your outfits, have a look at our selection of trendy specs we hold for you.


Top street style looks New York     Top Fashion Week street style looks 2018

Najlepšie outfity slnečné okuliare Tom FordNajlepšie outfity slnečné okuliare Ray-BanNajlepšie outfity slnečné okuliare Persol

Let’s not forget that gentlemen are into fashion too! This classy New Yorker made his way to the Fashion Week in a very fashionable swing. Wide blue trousers, elegant black shirt with dashing blue coat on top and a pair of trainers seems like a nice combo. But with the bold red hat and 80’s Aviator specs this combination is simply perfect! Get your hands on one of these Aviator prescription glasses and have the style of a New Yorker. Are you wondering if such pair would suit your face shape though? Give a read to our guide and find it out.


London as every other city in the world has its own spirit and clear proof of this is its fashion. Not only the Queen appeared at the London Fashion Week this year, but also many Londoners whose style we could envy more than the Queen’s crown itself.


Top street style looks London     

Najlepšie outfity slnečné okuliare Marc JacobsNajlepšie outfity slnečné okuliare SmithNajlepšie outfity slnečné okuliare Dior

Not only the amazing hair you would notice on this girl, would you? Comfy knitted jumper, black wide trousers combined with brown trench coat scream fashion week. But the Londoner didn’t stop there – she added pair of sneakers, red leopard print ‘fanny pack’ and back-to-the-future- like sunglasses. If you desire to have a pair of funky shades like this fearless girl, definitely check out our selection of single lens sunglasses and you sure will turn heads!


Top street style looks London     Top Fashion Week street style looks 2018

Najlepšie outfity dioptrické okuliare Ray-BanNajlepšie outfity dioptrické okuliare Boss OrangeNajlepšie outfity dioptrické okuliare Polo Ralph Lauren    

Let’s be honest, guys, we all would love to be like this awesome man – confident, relaxed, with a great taste. A daring navy blue jumpsuit topped with simple grey blazer, basic black bag and a high- class prescription glasses all together are a stylish outfit for every man who would love to stand out. Would you like to have classic frames just like this guy? All of the Persol eyewear is just excellent, check it out!


Top street style looks London     Top Fashion Week street style looks 2018

Najlepšie outfity dioptrické okuliare Michael KorsNajlepšie outfity dioptrické okuliare FossilNajlepšie outfity dioptrické okuliare Versace

This beautiful creature is how we imagine all the London girls must look like! Stylish but extraordinary, delicate but reckless, and that’s just one of the ways how to describe her style. She opted for some outstanding colour combo, with simple Gucci handbag and glasses with a slight vintage feel to go with the whole outfit essence. Are you a big fan of a dainty and chic pair of eyewear? You’ll like these Michael Kors ones for sure! If those are not your cup of tea, check out our selection of graceful beige prescription glasses!

Fashion is just amazing, isn’t it? Although sometimes without realization, we all take part in it. So why not to take this part with shiny new shades? Go to our website and browse! We promise you’ll find something exactly of your taste.


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