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Christmas Gift Guide - Our ideas for last-minute christmas gifts

There’s a special type of christmas shopper out there: last-minute enthusiast. If you’re a fan of excitement and you like to get into adrenaline-driven situation, you certainly deserve a membership in this shoppers’ group. Well, we know this feeling and that’s why we decided to help you out this year!

No matter if you’re looking for some prescription glasses, sunglasses, or ski goggles, on eyerim you’ll find them all. It’s very simple. Just open our Christmas Gift Guide, and then scroll down to the category that you’re interested in. We carefully hand-picked all of the products - from gifts for girlfriends, grannies, fashion freaks or kids to selections for gentlemen, hipsters or drivers. You won’t miss out this Christmas. Moreover, our Christmas selection includes only in-stock items, so delivery before Christmas is 100% guaranteed. Check it out before it’s too late and cheer up your loved ones under the Christmas tree.


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