Let's be honest now. We take good care of new glasses only in the first weeks after purchase, and then we gradually reduce down to cleaning them with our breath, by spitting, we dry them with sleeves, paper tissues, or even alcoholic wet wipes. You may not even know that you can damage the surface layer, thanks to which the glasses are anti-reflective and fog-resistant. Professional optometrists clean their glasses differently. If you get used to it, you can extend their lifespan by several years.

1.   Rinse the glasses under a stream of lukewarm water

You will get rid of the biggest dirt and dust. Be careful that the water is not too hot, it could damage the glasses frame and the paint.

2.   Drip common detergent on the tip of your finger and gently rub glasses

Just one drop is really enough because dishwashing detergents are very concentrated. Avoid those containing balm and cream. It may grease your glasses. When washing, think not only of the lenses but also the frame, temples, and places where they fold. This is where your sweat, skin oil, and make-up are also gathered. Finally, wash the detergent under running water.

3.   Dry the glasses with a soft towel or cloth

Gently push an absorbent fabric over the glasses, but do not rub them. Use a microfiber cloth for polishing.

The glasses must be cleaned with a microfiber cloth

4.   Polish dry glasses with a microfiber cloth

Do not use wet wipes that are textured and can scratch the glasses, especially if they contain alcohol. You can get a special microfiber cloth in any optics. Before each use, gently shake the dust off it.

5.   Carry a cleaning spray with you

Of course, you will not always have a suitable detergent and sink around you. A special cleaning spray is used for such cases. It also gently removes grease and aggressive sweat. It evaporates quickly from the surface of the glasses and, in addition, helps against fogging.

Protect your glasses from damage in a hard case
Avoid these common mistakes when taking care of your glasses:

- Do not wear glasses on your head. This will stretch the temples and over time your glasses will fall off your face. They are also damaged by grease from your hair, forehead, make-up, and hairspray.
- Do not forget to clean also a frame.
- Do not store glasses without a case only in your pocket, shirt, or coat.
- Do not wear glasses hanging in a neckline.
- Never leave the glasses with the lenses facing down.
- Do not expose the glasses to sudden changes of temperature.
- In summer, do not leave glasses in the car, especially not on the warmest deck.
- Do not use alcohol when cleaning. It can damage a special chemical compound that makes your glasses anti-reflective and hydrophobic.
- Do not use saliva, creams, or detergents with balm.
- Do not rub the glass with sleeves, handkerchief, toilet paper, or anything made of cellulose, which is rough and can scratch them.
- Do not try to scratch the dirt off the glasses with your nails.

Taking care of glasses will save both your clear eyesight and money. It takes only 2 minutes, microfiber cloth, spray, and hard case. Thanks to them, your glasses will accompany you for years. Take care of your eyes, you only have one pair!