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Virtual mirror - Through the lens of your camera

We always try to push boundaries in eyerim and we love tech innovations. This September we’re presenting to you our very first virtual try-on tool!

Shopping on eyerim has never been easier! Feeling of buying a pig in a poke is gone. Pick your favourite pair of sunglasses or eyeglasses, click on the virtual mirror button, turn on your webcam or simply upload any picture of yours online and here you go!

Tens of brands - thousands of products waiting for you to try them on from the comfort of your home. Take your time and try them all. I’ve already found my favourites - what about you?

You can find whole selection of products available for virtual try-on here. Have fun!


I'm one of the co-founders. My domain has been content creation and social media. I'm obsessed with flamingos and travelling. I collect most of my creative ideas after long hikes in the mountains and I love art and photography.

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