We all love our eyewear to the death but sometimes we are not feeling like cleaning it daily - everyday makeup, sweat and dirt all damage it. Are you the same as us? We have an amazing solution for you - EYESHAKER! EYESHAKER is a cool, fast eyewear cleaning gadget and we absolutely love it!

Yes, yes, it all sounds lovely but why bother? Well, exclusively just for you, here are The 13 3 reasons why we love the EYESHAKER:

1. EYESHAKER enables a complete cleaning of (almost) all eyewear.

EYESHAKER cleans both the lense and the frame, whilst the ordinary cleaning cloth cleans just the lense. Cleaning the whole frame helps to sustain radiant colour, hinges will not age also. Simply said - your eyewear will look amazing and fresh for much longer period of time! The shaking method is absolutely safe - there will be no scratches or blurs.

EYESHAKER July Giveaway EYESHAKER July Giveaway

2. EYESHAKER is a genuine family business

Founded by two brothers passionate for eyewear - one is optometrist and eyewear designer and the other one is a former professional athlete. Love for design, fashion and eyewear in general is what truly connected the brothers on this journey to the perfect and effective cleaning solution for every passionate eyewear-wearer. 

3. EYESHAKER is perfectly easy and efficient

EYESHAKER is all about the easy handling and flawless outcome - which is accomplished instantly when using EYESHAKER. According to the EYESHAKER website, there are only 4 easy steps to the exquisitely clean favorite pair of sunglasses, prescription glasses or sports glasses:

EYESHAKER July Giveaway

- Fill EYESHAKER half full of lukewarm water and add two squirts of the cleaning solution
- Place the eyewear inside and shake the container for aprox. 15 seconds
- Rinse thoroughly with clean water
- Dry the eyewear using the EYESHAKER micro-fiber cloth
And voilà, your favorite pair is just like new again!

You can win an EYESHAKER now! There is an awesome EYESHAKER Giveaway going on our website at the moment. All you do is order ANY pair of eyewear, no matter the price range and you are in! The giveaway will last until the end of July, hurry up then - time flies like crazy this time of the year.

If our 3 reasons why we love the EYESHAKER have not convinced you yet, try the more detailed FAQs on the EYESHAKER website and we bet you will not resist to get it ASAP. Trust us, you will not regret it. Ever.